Taking the ideas of conservation and renewable energy use to your doorstep. We use the concepts of directed sunlight, passive solar cooling/heating, and using electricity wisely to help you and the earth.

Most homes use far more energy than they should, sometimes upwards of 40% is "Phantom Electricity", which is wasted continuously without our knowledge. At ENPowered, we intend to help you fix that...and in the process make the world a better place for everyone.

While very few homes will truly make it "Off The Grid", we hope to get everyone closer to this Ideal. The belief that each of us wants to be a better steward and make some difference in this world drives us, and we hope to make a difference for the future one home at a time.

ENPowered Home consultant Matt Martin, will make a personal evaluation of a structure. From window orientation, insulation, and energy use, to electricty waste, heating and cooling efficiency, and
technology adaptation to lower your environmental impact and save you money.

Each of us can make a small difference, and create change.
ENPowered Home
Making your home work for You