Green Go Construction-Straw Bale Home Workshop

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in learning more about Green Housing options
Architects, builders, sustainability educators, and green enthusiasts in general. Attendees with participate in all aspects of construction, but workload is designated around physical ability.

Session Activity Weekend Schedule:

One: March 29-30     Foundation and drainage

Two: April 5-6           Wall construction, door and window detail

Three: April 12-13     Roof construction and assembly

Four: April 19-20      Earth plaster and stucco

Cost  $500 per person/ $750 per couple for entire workshop
         $200 per single weekend/ $300 per couple
         The Hillside Terrace Project is nearing completion
        Watch for the next workshop coming soon

            All tuition funds are used to create the building           

If you have questions, or simply want to learn more...feel free to call Matt:

                                 (502) 608-9145
ENPowered Home
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If you are a site owner, and wish to be considered for a Workshop Program on your property we are currently accepting applications for new projects.

email enpoweredhome@gmail